Goddess Circle

From the comfort of your home, join us for a sacred evening of women’s  ritual space online!

This is a time of reflection, sharing from our hearts, and basking in sisterhood!

In sacred ritual space, we attune to the power of the Full Moon to release what no longer serves us.

The Full Moon is a time of deep detox of the mind, body, and soul.

From a clear place, we can feel our essential nature deep and true, held in the wisdom and sisterhood of deep listening.

Bring your journal and a favorite pen, a soothing cup of hot tea, and wear comfortable clothes.

Bring a piece of loose paper for our spell, and a candle in a holder.

Bring your journal, a favorite beverage, anything that helps you feel comfortable.

Bring your beautiful authentic self.

If you’d like to have a simple altar, you can have a candle, a crystal, a flower, incense or whatever speaks to you.

All who identify as women are welcome.

This circle is earth-based, Goddess~centric, and for the personal and collective empowerment of all women.

Please plan to show up on time and stay for the duration, as the circle will be extending to include every woman on the call.

COST: $25   Pay HERE

Email with link to attend will be sent upon payment.