Sacred Healing Sessions With Goddess Oceana

Goddess Oceana Portrait 2If you find that you’re in a cycle of repeated patterns and are mildly depressed, frustrated, or stuck spinning your wheels in the same old mud, you may need a jumpstart and a helping hand to lift you up and forward.

Maybe you’ve experienced shock or trauma, or maybe you forgot your dreams when you were struggling to take care of your job, your kids, or your relationship.

Sister, life is too short to stay stuck for any of it, especially when there are healers out there who can assist you on the spiritual level.

If you’re hurt, your energy body contracts, which can result in emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual manifestations of dis~ease over time.  The underlying cause is energetic, always.

I can help you.

Here are some testimonials from people who had tried just about everyone and everything else before they found me:

“Very highly recommend a session or two with Goddess Oceana. She is utterly amazing, compassionate, understanding and deeply connected to her power as a healer and visionary. Take this opportunity to open the door and move fully onto your individual and correct path. She is the perfect guide when you are ready for change.”  –Maggie Tapert, author and internationally known sex expert

“I felt acknowledged, fully accepted and skillfully freed from a prison of my own construction.  That evening I began an intimate revealing dialog with my husband that was impossible prior to my call with Oceana and now I’m on an enthralling daily journey of healing, self discovery and passion. “-E. Hunt

“I have known and worked with Oceana for about a year and a half. She has held space for me, ministered to me using many different modalities, and has counseled me on relationship issues, dealing with past pains, releasing things that no longer serve me, and is a skilled listener. Oceana is highly intuitive, speaks to my heart and mind on many levels.  After a session with her I feel immediate results, walking away with real, hands-on tools and sometimes even homework!  It has been my pleasure to partake of Oceana’s gifts and I heartily recommend her as a healer.” -Mary Sheys, Center Director at Bright Horizons

“My healing session today with Oceana LeBlanc has opened my heart and sent powerful messages throughout me to know my worth, to forgive myself for not feeling I am worthy and to open myself to receive from others and the universe freely. She is an amazing soul whom I love dearly. A very calming voice and a safe container of guidance and healing towards a better you. I highly recommend Oceana. Today could be your day that it all shifts because of her. It has for me.” –Eileen Strong Feather, Healer and Massage Therapist

“…if you ever have a chance to speak w her on the phone or in person, I have to say, she is SOOO present and radiates such a deep GLOW of loving divine wise presence; I felt so held and loved and nurtured and grounded after a call with her this winter!” -Carey Harben, Herbalist

“Today’s session with the lovely Oceana was jam-packed with great ideas for how to language my portal problem and the end results I want my clients to receive. I have been waffling about this for months now and Oceana very quickly honed in on the essence of what I want to do and then offered some juicy copy along with tips on program content. Thank you!” -Karen McGinn, Artist

“My session with Oceana was so fun, inspiring and helpful! She listens with compassion and insight and translates this into practical suggestions and ideas to weave into your everyday life. She was also very responsive and generous with the follow-up promised. I felt energized from working with her and would highly recommend!” -Mai Yee, NYC SFactor Dance Teacher and Performer

“With clarity, compassion, focus and wisdom, Oceana holds a rich space for her client’s growth and well being. She had a framework for our time that had structure along with flexibility. She knows intuitively the questions to ask that prompt introspection, reflection & growth through awareness from bringing to light things that were perhaps unconscious and/or needed clarity. I feel safe expressing my deepest, most painful issues with her as she interacts with care & great intent, offering practical tools to help breakthrough barriers and draw upon innate wisdom and abilities for learning and growth on the journey of self-discovery.” -Michelle Gardner, SunGarden Holistic Health & Wellness

“Just had the most amazing Discovery session around building my brand and discovering who my perfect client is with Oceana LeBlanc. It was a combo of super charged info and intuitive guidance. She knew exactly what I needed! I have to say my only complaint was that she OVER delivered ha ha. She asked when I wanted to meet again and i said how about in an hour:) I so look forward to masterminding with her in the future!” ~Victoria Haffer, Wellness Coach, Intuitive

“Mwah you lovely, inspirational and authentic Goddess! You are so much a part of my every day risk-taking… You always manage to post a sound-byte that has me processing it all day! Thank you so much!!  Oceana… You TOtALLY inspire me ALL the time! You are like a Big-Sister, a Fairy Godmother and Tinker-Belle all wrapped up in one delicious Being…use shamanic processes wherever I intuitively feel they are needed.”  -Laurie Roberts Vallas, CEO of HeartiFacts Business Services

My sessions with people address their individual and unique needs accordingly, and so they’re not a one size fits all experience.  With thirty years of healing work in my medicine bag, I utilize what’s needed when it’s needed.  My medicine bag has years of mediumship abilities, psychometry, and psychic skills.  I use a pendulum to dowse as we work together, often clearing past, present, and future life misalignments and opening energy pathways with spiritual response therapy.  As an intuitive using clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, I will scan someone’s field intuitively to see where the blocks are in their system.

A master coach of decades, I utilize my coaching and intuitive skills to empower the inner knowing of my clients for a swift and catalytic shift in whatever area they are ready to shift.  This saves time, and money, not to mention the priceless gift of less suffering.

As a priestess, I create intentional sacred space for our session, and tap into higher awareness, archangels, guides, and master teachers and ascended masters to hold the highest vibration possible for our work together. With my background as a white tantric yoga teacher, I have wisdom to draw from that is mystical and rare, which I can impart to assist in the support of your overall well-being.  A certified herbalist and aromatherapist, I also have the exquisite tools of the plant world at my fingertips should someone need a personalized essence to help them integrate as they are healing.

In essence, if you desire to finally heal or shift, and you want the very highest level healer available, you would do well to call on me.  There is no area of spiritual healing work I haven’t studied, and the spirit helpers I work with are the most powerful, loving guides and have worked with me over a multitude of lifetimes and dimensions.

Healing sessions can be done by phone or skype, and so distance is not a challenge.  If you’re finding you are facing some of the blocks that are up now for people in the shift of our planetary vibration, with the biggest personal growth opportunities of our times, message me for an appointment and give yourself a break.  You don’t need to suffer with this by yourself when help is right here.

Contact Oceana at with inquiries or to book your healing session.

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