Date                         Time                                Event                                                  More Info

Feb. 20                  7-9 PM                  Sound, Breath, & Movement, Tantra 101                     Click Here

Feb. 22                  7:15-8:30 PM       Gentle Tantric Hatha Yoga Class               Click Here

Feb. 29                  7:15-8:30 PM       Gentle Tantric Hatha Yoga Class                Click Here

Mar. 10,17,31, 4/7  7:00-8 PM         Confident Goddess 4 Week Online Program

Mar. 18                  7-9:30 PM             Journey of the Goddess, The Temple with Lisa Campion and Oceana

Mar. 23                 7:30-10:30 PM     Divinely Feminine~ Embrace the Softer Side of You with

Goddess Oceana, Kelle Sparta, & Monique Darling

Apr. 1                     7-9:30 PM             Journey of the Goddess, The Temple with Lisa Campion and Oceana


Apr. 6                    7:00-9 PM            Heartbeat Salon ~ Uncorking Your Yes to Exquisite Self Care                                                                                (see Personal Growth Network on for more details)

Apr. 16                 2-8:30 PM            IGNITE YOUR PASSION COUPLES WORKSHOP (Blackstone Valley Area, MA)

May 20                 7-9:30 PM             Journey of the Goddess, The Temple with Lisa Campion and Oceana

June 17                 7-9:30 PM             Journey of the Goddess, The Temple with Lisa Campion and Oceana

July 29                 7-9:30 PM             Journey of the Goddess, The Temple with Lisa Campion and Oceana

Aug. 19                 7-9:30 PM             Journey of the Goddess, The Temple with Lisa Campion and Oceana


“Participating in the Goddess Circle with Oceana was powerful, healing and fun!

She is an inspired leader, a powerful woman, full of compassion, wisdom, and love.

Oceana did a great job of creating a safe space in which we could all be our unique selves

and learn from and appreciate one another.

It was a safe, sacred space in which each one of us could share what was on our hearts and minds.  It was nourishing to be surrounded by and do this work in the company of other women. 

We did some powerful work tougher, but we laughed a lot, too!

I left feeling stronger, lighter, more powerful, and like I had a whole new bunch of friends.”

~ Sarah. L

Confident Goddess Online Course


4 Week Online Course that teaches you:

  • How to ground firmly into your self~worth so that you naturally attract better experiences
  • A potent, sensual ritual that gives you a sexy glow and beautiful aura
  • Ancient yogic practice to powerfully attract your deepest desires
  • Manifestation techniques for personal magnetism mojo
  • How to boost your pleasure, and ramp up your sex appeal
  • The sexy secret no one tells you about Law of Attraction

Dates:  March 10, 17, 31, 4/7

Time:  7:00 pm est

Recordings Available, late registration is possible!  You won’t miss out if you start late, as all materials are available.

Register Here Now

Massachusetts Tantric Yoga Evenings

Each month we gather for an evening of deep spiritual connection, honoring the Divine in ourselves and others, and tapping into the emergence of sacred sensuality as a spiritual practice.

How Tantra benefits your relationships:

*feel a closer bond with your partner

*attract a relationship with more ease and clarity

*have mind-blowing, delicious intimacy

*be less self-conscious and more outgoing

*attract more of what you want in your life

*shake up the status quo and feel more alive and vibrant

*learn to be and feel more sensual

*tap into your inner wisdom in a profound way

We encourage people to dress in comfortable god and goddess garb, bring a favorite cushion, and an open heart. Singles and couples are welcome.

The Tantric Yoga class is fully clothed and focused on safe, spiritual tantra practices that enhance intimacy and love. We will chant, dance, and play in the radiance of our light.  We explore and learn a new tidbit of tantra each month, going deeper and deeper as practices build one upon the other.

Bring your partners, your beloveds, your friends…and experience an aspect of the most ancient form of yoga in existence.

Massachusetts Tantric Yoga Evenings are held at:

Flowforms Yoga
100 June St.
Worcester, Ma
Dates To Be Announced

Please join the Meetup group for announcements of our next event:

Mantra & Meditation Workshop

Join us for a powerfully sacred and enriching experience as we learn the practice of using sound, breath, and intention to align ourselves with our inner truth.

What can chanting do for you?

*You’ll learn about Sanskrit, the ancient spiritual language, and find out first-hand how you can heal your life with it.

*Clear up situations that are keeping you from having the life you want

*Reduce stress

*Attract soul mates

*Be more prosperous in all areas

These are only a few of the powerful results of chanting!

We’ll be engaging in an intensive chanting experience, followed by deep meditation.  Beginners and advanced practitioners welcome!

Date: To Be Announced

Important***Please bring a cushion to sit on, your own water bottle, wear comfortable clothes, and bring mala beads (108) if you have them. If not, you’ll be able to order a set to keep.


Couples Tantra Workshop 

A full day workshop for you to arouse desire, passion, and romance in your life with a partner, lover, or future lover!

* Gift yourself with renewed sensual desire, intimacy, and sacred love

* Learn ancient arts of tantric love and prepare to experience ecstasy

* Find out how to create sacred temple space anywhere

* Experience new ways to communicate to deepen sensual satisfaction

* Learn secret tantric breathing rituals for expanded orgasm and bliss.

* Explore a new level of sensual liberation with your Beloved


This is a fully clothed workshop held in a fun, safe environment where you will learn techniques you can continue to practice at home.

Singles welcome on a wait list according to equal number of complimentary gender participants who sign up, or if you wish to bring your own friend you can sign up as a couple.

Dates to Be Announced

1o:00-5:00 PM

“Oceana is an amazing and inspiring coach and facilitator. She brings passion, courage and wisdom to her work in a playful, gentle yet empowering way. If you want to learn and grow in a safe, supportive and enjoyable environment, attend one of her events. You will not be disappointed!” ~Sandy E.

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Inner Lover Group Coaching Call

Does your love life suck lately? Are you wading waist high in unpaid bills and ready to choke up the hairball of scarcity? Are you suffering in a situation that feels hopeless? Is your chutzpah on hold? Do you have a burning question you’re good and ready to hear the answer to?

Join me for a call where we’ll get down with the nitty gritty, hot mess of it and shine light on the main plumbing problem. You’ll leave with real, workable, sexy tools that get the job well underway.

If you’ve wanted to work with me, now is your opportunity. The beauty of group coaching is that we learn from everyone’s questions and find answers we hadn’t expected, gifts we couldn’t imagine, and an energy of support to inspire and propel us forward lovingly.

Come to the party with your favorite tea in the comfort of your own home. Experience expert, master level coaching and channeled spiritual guidance from someone who’s been a catalyst for changing lives for over 30 years.

Date:  To Be Announced

Time:  8-9:00 pm

RSVP now, as this will be an intimate group with personal attention. The limit is 10. The cost is $15

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