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“Oceana is one of the most dynamic women I know. She comes from her heart, her passion, and her wisdom. A unique fantastic blend that all will benefit from.” ~Char Tosi, founder of Woman Within

Oceana LeBlanc is a High Priestess, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, certified Tantric Yogini and Shaman trained in indigenous and core shamanism. She helps women live a legendary life they love using magick, spiritual savvy, and practical action steps that work.

Trained and mentored for over ten years in transformational coaching by a Unity Minister and metaphysician, Oceana comes to coaching from experience by immersion. It is not only what she does, but it is the strong foundation for who she is. 

Oceana brings experience of her own healing and empowerment into consulting with women to catalyze massive transformation with precision subtlety. She has educated and inspired thousands of women and men about conscious relationships, financial abundance, and manifesting their deepest desires.  

When you’re up against life’s challenges, you want to work with someone whose sensitivity, expertise, and experience spans decades. You want authenticity, and to know you’re in good hands.

Whether you’d like to live a more abundant life , or want to create a more joyful, deeper connection in your relationship, Oceana has an uncanny ability to hone in on the essence of your challenges and offer you valuable insights to help you break-through and thrive.

Put simply, do not work with her if you want your life to stay the same.

In Her Own Words…

Why am I so good at empowering women? Because I’ve been there, stuck in pain and trauma, and barely made it out alive to tell the story. I spent decades researching and immersing myself in all kinds of mystical, magickal, esoteric, and therapeutic practices to heal from every possible angle (and collected a ton of certifications along the way).
I’ve spent the majority of my life researching how to live an empowered life as a woman. I practiced using everything in my toolbox and discovered that the key is spiritual and sensual integration, along with universal laws of energy.
I’ve made it my mission to help women transform their lives and stand confidently in their power, their beauty, and their magick. 

There is a very long trail of supremely empowered and confident women left in my wake.

I wonder if you’ll be one of them.