GoddessCraft Circle

GoddessCraft Circle is an ongoing magickal space where you can sink into a friendly and supportive environment while learning all things magick, witchy, and abundant.

Our focus is on manifestation badassery within the context of spiritual growth, mastering mindset, money and confidence.

There are a variety of programs offered consecutively inside the membership, so the doors only open when a new program begins.

They’re all tailored to the women present at any given time, so it is ever-evolving, while also a unique fit just for you.

There are calls every other week, but if you have to miss a call, you won’t miss the class.

Class will be recorded live in the group for you to watch for as long as you’re with us.

We cover things like, but not limited to:

*spellcrafting *how to perform rituals *gems and herbs, and brews, and how to use them and for what *growing your confidence  *sensuality and power *glamour magick *foundational mysteries of the witch *money, abundance, and prosperity *relationship mojo *shamanic journeys *archetypes and how to use them for empowerment *tantrika secrets for sensuality and healing *crystal grid healing *mindset (this is key) *manifesting mastery *moon phases, basic astrology as it pertains to manifesting *sigils, candle magick, cord magick *poppet magick *hermetic principles and laws of prosperity *tools of magick and how to consecrate them *protection magick *soul realignment with the chakras *guided meditation *alchemy *patron goddess studies *ancestral work *psychic development

*and who knows? Maybe you’ll ask to learn something in the realm of magick, manifesting, or relationships and I’ll offer that, too.

*****Included in your membership is a very deep discount for private coaching with me. This is worth more than the program itself, as I offer a limited number of spaces for private clients and reserve the rest for my group members.

Schedule a short call with me if you’d like to HERE.

This costs 25.00 to schedule, and if you choose to register for GoddessCraft Circle, the fee goes towards your first month’s membership.

If you’d rather ask some questions via email, send to goddessoceana@gmail.com with “GCC Inquiry” in the subject line.


Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the call?

Our call is every other Monday evening from 8:00pm-9pm EST. on Zoom.

We have Q&A time, group coaching, and time to share in community.

What if I miss the call? You’ll still be inside the group where everyone is sharing and where I post new videos and lots of info.  

If you can’t make it to any group calls, you’ll miss out on some deep level sisterhood that is where a lot of the juice is.  Missing occasionally is totally okay, but the calls are a big part of the experience.

You’ll have access to the recorded live teaching videos for as long as you’re a member, but the group aspect is not recorded, for everyone’s privacy.

Are there written materials?

We have a facebook group where the materials are posted, women share their process and cheer each other on, and the more energy you give, the more you receive.

How long is this membership training?

The training is ongoing, with courses within the membership.

Doors are open only 3-4 times a year, though, so it’s best to be on the waiting list to be notified of when they’re opening up if you don’t want to have to wait months to get in.

How much is it?

It’s a monthly subscription of 108.00  in order to make it super accessible to everyone who desires it.

 Are there any requirements?

I require women to join for four months minimum so as to keep the container a safe sacred space for women to share openly without feeling that people are popping in and out of the group every month.

After that, you can stay as long as you desire, or leave when you want to.  Just let me know you want to leave and I will stop your subscription for you.

I wanted to offer intensive training that is oriented towards the feminine, and truly addresses the individual challenges that come up that can cork up the most determined practitioner.  This often takes time and attention.

About the process:

The process in this group is based in oracular work, and so I download from Spirit as we go and it has proven to be exactly on target.

This is organic, cyclical, feminine, and although we are in a sacred container, we’re probably not a good fit for someone who likes a very tight agenda…unless they want to break free from that mindset and learn to flow in a more feminine way.

Magickal training is not an express, drive-through experience.

It’s a lifetime journey, and is unique to each and every person that undertakes it.

It’s not for the faint of heart and requires dedication, commitment, and a deep desire for it.

Sometimes it is a calling that comes out of mere curiosity, awakened in this lifetime from other lifetimes as a witch.

Other times, it’s a sudden recognition and knowing of where one belongs.

With this in mind, GoddessCraft Circle a space in which each woman can undertake her profound soul evolution inside of a safe and supportive circle, with the guidance of someone who’s spent lifetimes as a high priestess.
It’s important to me that I empower you to connect deeply with your own inner guidance, liberating you into your own unique soul’s path.

About Me:

I’m a High Priestess in three lineages of witchcraft, and a minister with the Temple of Witchcraft in Salem, N.H.
The comprehensive and rigorous training for this position takes seven years, and is known as one of the finest in the world to date.
For 37 years, I’ve facilitated transformational groups teaching people metaphysics, prosperity principles, yoga, meditation, chanting, and both eastern and western tantra.

I’ve created many programs, created Goddess Circles, and have mentored women worldwide to lead their own Red Tents and Goddess Circles.
I’m a master spiritual life mentor for women leaders with a focus on mindset and manifesting desires having to do with money, relationships, and business.

UMass Medical School brought me in to train emerging physicians in how to understand and communicate with their patients on the delicate topic of intimacy and the various challenges they might encounter.

****If you think you want to join us but are on the fence due to some fear or reservations I can help you with, I’m happy to answer more questions.


Schedule a short call with me if you’d like to HERE.

This costs 25.00 to schedule, and if you choose to register for GoddessCraft Circle, the fee goes towards your first month’s membership.

If you’d rather ask some questions via email, send to goddessoceana@gmail.com with “GCC Inquiry” in the subject line.

If this is not for you, I will happily offer resources and referrals, as I want to see all women thriving in the spaces that are best for them.

Some of my credentials include:

High Priestess, Temple of Witchcraft in Salem, NH

Second Degree High Priestess with Laurie Cabot

Priestess Path Leadership Program

Trained Shaman in a Siberian Lineage

Shamanic Training with The Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Spirit Medium trained with the Spiritualist Church

Psychometrist trained with the Spiritualist Church

Healer trained with the Spiritualist Church

Yogic Tantrika and Bodhisattva

Certified Tantra Teacher 

Relationship Intimacy Consultant

Yoga Teacher Trainer E-RYT 200

Bachelor of Music Degree, Berklee College of Music

Women’s Leadership Mentor

Red Tent Temples Worldwide Co-Pioneer

Red Tent Documentary Movie

Reiki Master Teacher Trainer

Creator of Goddess Reiki

Author: Goddess Reiki Manual

Feng Shui Teacher

Spiritual Response Therapist

Sacred Depths Master Coach
Full Spectrum Chakra and Sound Healer

Shadow Work Facilitator Training

EFT Practitioner (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Certified NLP Practitioner

Co-Author of:
Women Spiritual Leaders

Proceed With Love with Jeff Brown and ALisa Starkweather

Certified Herbalist

Certified European Aromatherapist

Goldwell International Professional Trainer for New England

Licensed Cosmetologist and Master Colorist


Relationship Expert

School of Womanly Arts Graduate, BSG