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Oceana is an incredible facilitator for women who desire to rediscover their essential Goddess natures.

Her training is impressive and impeccable and her ability to hold a compassionate and powerful space allows her clients to go very deeply into their process in a sacred way. Her combination of knowledge and skill as a coach guarantees deep and lasting transformation for her clients.

And somehow in all of that she makes it fun, juicy and delicious to experience!  Oceana truly embodies what she teaches and just being in her presence will light the way for you as she models what living in your divine feminine looks like.  She is a blessing!  — Lisa Campion, Psychic and Author



Oceana’s deep listening and intuition creates the clearest channel for tuning in and digging deep. For me, the issue was really understanding what I desired in the first place. She helped me to clear away some mental clutter I had about preferences being a form of attachment and helped to create a vision for my life.

Because it was hard for me to describe how I wanted the circumstances of life to be exactly, she helped me focus on how I wanted to feel.  Well of course I wanted to feel good!  We got started right away by infusing pleasure and fun into day to day reality.

As she taught me, the universe will respond to desire and pleasure because the universe is creation (desire) itself. She helped me to see pleasure as my helper as opposed to something that gets in the way of control and discipline. This is where I was really tripped up.  In increasing my own enjoyment of life I also manifest it of those around me! How amazing is that?

Now I have a clear written vision of how I truly want to be and feel.  It’s truly incredible how opportunities to receive abundance just magically appear now that I am working with desire instead of against it.

Oceana climbs into your psychic space and partners with you in a way that magnifies and accelerates the transformation process. Be prepared to do some deep inner work while, at the same time, enjoying the moment more than ever. She is truly a gifted healer and teacher.  ~Lisa Couto, Information Technology Manager, Project Management Professional


Oceana is the absolute Queen of sensuality! Her ability to lead women on a journey of sensual and spiritual self-discovery is legendary.  For women that are investigating the core of their power and feel ready for expansion into wholeness, this is the right address.  Many options out there in today’s world but Oceana is the real deal. I adore this woman!

~ Maggie Tapert, sex expert and author






“Oceana is one of the most dynamic presenters I have known.  She comes from her heart, her passion, and her wisdom.  A unique fantastic balance that all will benefit from.”  -Char Tosi, founder of Woman Within, Owner, Tosi and Associates


“Oceana is a powerful Priestess of transformational change and courageous healing.  She jumps in and runs with leadership holding the great vision and higher purpose.  Oceana helps get things done.  She empowers women and holds the sacred space in everything she does.  It is a pleasure always to work with such a great woman.”  -Leah Emerson, Priestess and Munay-Ki Shaman


“Oceana’s intuitive ability to guide you in finding areas of your life that you want to explore is inspiring.  Whether an aromatherapy session or a coaching session, Oceana instinctively knows how to help you.  You need to do the work,  Oceana gives you the tools with warmth and kindness.  Both sessions with Oceana opened up a whole new world to me which I had repressed and ignored for years.  I am finally discovering my feminine side!” -Zele A. owner of Zorganize


Thank you so much for the incredible shamanic healing you performed on my poor little toe Friday night, Oceana. I have NEVER experienced anything like that and must agree you are uniquely powerful in the healing arts. It was sooo fascinating and I was so happy to have a pain-free toe all weekend!!!” -Barbara W. of Blue Tree Media


“Everything about you is strength, compassion, love, light, wisdom, solidity, truth, and a feminine beauty to be learned to master by every woman out there.”  -Dan Warb, International Disc Jockey, UK


“I’ve had SUCH DREAMS the last two nights since you did the healing on me.  The fluttering in my stomach stopped and I have felt a much, much deeper connection to my husband.” -Marcie J., Holistic Healer


“Oceana is a caring and empathetic healer committed to creating space for others to reclaim their own power, and to dive more deeply into their work.” -Dr. Opeyemi Parham


“You are a trail blazer of earth shattering proportions…one of the most ground breaking experiences I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of…” -Ailishia S., owner of dance studio


“Oceana is a highly intuitive, compassionate healing arts practitioner.  I would highly recommend Oceana and her company to anyone looking for answers.”
– Mary Beth Berrien, Business Owner