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Uncorking Your YES to Exquisite Self Care

Dip your toes into finding what is holding back your bliss in the most feminine and joyful way~

A short foray into the land of forbidden pleasures, this mini workshop is an inquiry into our feminine programming.  Along with roadmaps to the secret passages that lead to freedom, we will access the fire to our passions, abundant joy, and the fulfillment of our desires.

If you’re sick of the status quo and putting everyone else’s needs first, this workshop is calling your name.  After a brief survey of the roadblocks in our way, we will lay out a simple plan for shrinking them down to nothingness.  By stretching our capacity to get into agreement with life’s annoyances, magic happens.

Don’t miss out on these crucial tools for continued self care…

This mini workshop is less than two hours, and is available to small groups at your request. 

Email Oceana you’re your inquiry to have her speak at your group or to host this mini workshop at Oceana@GoddessOceana.com